Published on Jul.9.2013


Now, M700D and M970D is available with Windows Embedded Standard 8, providing a touch optimized user interface as well as full access to all windows software. The new metro interface of Windows 8 fit perfectly with our rugged Tablet PC. Handy, Lightweight Tablets have become a tool of choice for data collection, communication, or other numerous computing tasks.

Tablet form factor has been recognized as most suitable for many tasks on the road and on the job. Since many of those jobs are outdoors where it gets wet, hot and cold, and were things get dropped or rattled, there is now a need for tablets that are tougher than user can get from consumer based tablet in the market. That is where company like Winmate comes in and introduces Our Industrial Rugged Tablet PC Lineup.

Use 7-inch and 9.7-inch size which appear as major form factor
Use an economically yet competent processor capable
of running full Windows Embedded Standard 8
Use the tremendously popular Projected Capacitive touch technology
Not overloaded tablet with the standard function that drive up cost,
but We offer them as optional modules and configurations
Compliant with Military Standard (MIL-STD-810F)
IP Proof for dust and Water protection
Winmate Hot Tab and “The Charms”

Tablets don’t have much integrated physical keyboards and therefore completely rely on a combination of touch, hardware controls and onscreen menus and utilities for operation. Quick access to often used functions is important for ease of use and winmate provides a way to make that happen. A hot tab key will pop-up on the right of the screen after user press the physical function key on the tablet, this special hot tab keys emulates "The Charms" in the Windows 8. The hot tab or the Charms provide new and faster ways to perform many basic tasks and are always available regardless of which applications users are currently in.

The Charms from Windows 8 Winmate Hot Tab keys
Above we can see Winmate Hot Tab key that is used to quickly call up wireless communication devices or perform a screen rotation and also to assign short cut functions.
Hot Tab to perform Radio control panel or
Wireless communication devices
Hot Tab to perform screen rotation
0o, 90o, 180o, or 270o
Bottom Line
Winmate 7" and 9.7" Rugged Tablet PC is elegant with superb display, convincing implementation of capacitive touch, and good performance make it interesting proposition for any users who wants that effortless, elegant tablet functionality, but in a more rugged package and of course with Windows 8.
Product information
  Winmate Rugged Tablet PC
M700D M970D
7-Inch Windows 8 9.7-Inch Windows 8
Processor Intel Atom Dual core N2600 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Dual core N2600 1.6 GHz
RAM Memory 2 GB DDR3 SDRAM (up to 4GB) 2 GB DDR3 SDRAM (up to 4GB)
Storage 32 GB SSD (up to 128 GB SSD) 32 GB m-SATA SSD(up to 64 or 128 GB SSD)
Screen type Projected Capacitive Touch Projected Capacitive Touch
Screen Brightness 500 nit 350 nit
Audio 1.2 W Speaker 2 x 1 W Speaker
Input & Tablet Button Power button on upper side
1 x Home,
1 x FN,
1 x F1,
1 x F2,
1 x Volume Up,
1 x Volume Down
Power button on Right side
1 x MENU,
1 x FN,
1 x Volume Up,
1 x Volume Down
I/O Interface 1 x docking connector
1 x USB 2.0 A type
1 x Headset Jack
1 x 2.5Ø 12V DC power In
1 x SIM Card Slot
1 x Micro SD Card
1 x docking connector
1 x USB
1 x Line out/mic In
1 x DC Jack
GPS Built in Neo 6 GPS module Optional GPS module
3G Optional 3G
Data transmission only
Optional 3G
Data transmission only
WiFi Default 802.11 a/b/g/n Default 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth Default 2.1+EDR Default Bluetooth
Camera 2.0 MP Rear side camera 2.0 MP Rear side camera
Operating Temp. -10oC to 50oC 0oC to 50oC
Battery Capacity 2270 mAh battery
5200 mAh (2nd Battery)
5300 mAh battery
Dimension 212.4 x 132.8 x 25 mm 267 x 210 x 22 mm
Weight 770 gram 988 gram
Military Standard
Shock (Method 516.5)
Vibration (Method 514.5)
Drop (Method 516.5, 4 ft)
Shock (Method 516.5)
Vibration (Method 514.5)
Drop (Method 516.5, 4 ft)
IP IP65 IP54
Certificate CE, FCC CE,FCC
EN60601-1-1, EN60601-1-2

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