Published on Oct.01.2013


Winmate Communication INC., the leading rugged mobile device provider, is pleased to welcome you to our booth in the coming INTERGEO 2013, which is held in Germany from October 8th to 10th.

As iPads and Android tablets are making impacts on people’s data consumption habits, customers in vertical markets are also seeking for rugged version of tablets for data input/output while secure their data from various damages. For tablet users in the geo-study, geo-information, and land management industry, devices with sunlight readable features and intuitive interface are extremely crucial.

Winmate's Rugged GIS Solution

This year, Winmate will be showcasing our latest rugged handheld and tablet PC series which are suitable for Geographic Information System (GIS) use. With the special hardware design cand the latest software technology, the devices can operate in extremely harsh environments and conditions—safely and smoothly.

Our M700DT4, the 7-inch ARM-based tablet with Android 4.1 operating system, is one of our newest offerings. The projected capacitive touch solution supports multi-touch function, and the battery could last for 6 to 8 hours of use. The device is protected against dust and water according to IP65 standard.

In the smaller Rugged PDA segment, we are providing E430M2 series, a 4.3 inch ARM-based rugged PDA with optional barcode and RFID reader. The PDA meets IP67 requirement and is ideal for outdoor use.

To get to know more about Winmate’s rugged mobile devices, please visit our booth at INTERGEO Hall 1, E1.035. Our sales representatives are also glad to provide information regarding the event.

10.4" & 8.4"
Ultra Rugged Tablet
9.7" Rugged Tablet
7" Rugged Tablet
7" Rugged Tablet
4.3" Industrial PDA
S430T Series
4.3" Industrial PDA
E430T Series
4.3" Industrial PDA
E430M2 Series
3.5" Industrial PDA

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