Published on Oct.14.2013


Winmate is presenting the Flat series Panel PC and Display, the special-designed system which provides better functionality and appearance. The complete flat screen reflects Winmate’s specialty in industrial and mechanical design. Since there is no gap on the surface, the product could avoid dust or liquid accumulation inside the gap. The FLAT series is not only easy to maintain and clean, but it is also slim and elegant.

Intel ® Atom D2550 Dual Core 1.86 GHz
Intel ® NM10 Chipset
Windows 7 Embedded Std. (Optional)
Front IP65 Water and Dust Proof
Aluminum Bezel
Fanless Cooling system
Ultra Low Power Consumption
Projected Capacitive (P-Cap) touch or Elo Resistive touch

In the Flat series, Winmate is providing complete product lines, including the Projective Capacitive (P-cap) Panel Mount and the Resistive Panel Mount, for customers. The Winmate P-Cap Panel Mount is equipped with multi-touch solution, which has high standard accuracy, crystal clear resolution, and exquisite appearance. It also supports finger movements and specific gestures such as pinching (zoom-out), stretching (zoom-in), and swiping.

On the other hand, the Winmate Resistive Panel Mount provides a wider range of data creation methods. It allows users to interact with the system by finger, stylus, and any non-sharp object. Users could also operate the machine with gloved hands. The cost effective technology will ensure high-quality data entry under extreme environments.

Order Information
Flat Projected Capacitive touch
Size Panel PC Display
10.4" R10ID3S-PPA1
12.1" R12ID7T-PPM2 R12L100-PPM2
15" R15ID7T-PPC3 R15L600-PPC3
15.6" W15ID7T-PPA2 W15L100-PPA2
17" R17ID7T-PPA1 R17L100-PPA1
19" R19ID7T-PPA1 R19L300-PPA1
21.5" W22ID7T-PPA3 W22L100-PPA3
Flat Elo Resistive touch
(Available end of October)
Size Panel PC Display
10.4" R10ID3S-EPA1
15" R15ID7T-EPC3 R15L600-EPC3
17" R17ID7T-EPA1 R17L100-EPA1
19" R19ID7T-EPA1 R19L300-EPA1
21.5" W22ID7T-EPA3 W22L300-EPA3

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