Published on Dec.05.2013

Winmate flat panel mount Panel PCs and Displays are design to bring computing to all sorts of places where a desktop or notebook computer are not feasible. Places like distribution and control centers, terminals or other demanding harsh environments that require 24/7/365 uptime, in all sort of industrial equipment. Our flat panel mount product series had ELO Resistive touch screen or SAW touch, if Resistive touch is not suitable for certain application, Winmate products can also be equipped with Projected Capacitive touch. Bottom line, Winmate Flat panel mount product series offer a wide variety of screen size and touch screen technologies with Intel Atom Dual Core Processor N2600, 1.6 GHz based as a processor.
Flat Panel Mount Product Benefits:
True flat front surface, Easy-to-clean
Flexible, Reliable, Ruggedized touch screen computers for open platform HMI
Aluminum housing
Eliminates dust and debris build-up at the edge and corners of the display
Provides improved power efficiency and reduced power consumption
Responds to a light touch to active response
Flat P-Cap Panel Mount
P-Cap panel mount PPC and display for the ultimate convenience and ease of use, allowing users to provide pleasant experience when interacting with the device. P-Cap touch allows gesture based interface like pinching (zoom-out), stretching (zoom-in), and swiping displayed data with the use of multi fingers


Size Panel PC Display
10.4" R10ID3S-PPA1
15" R15ID7T-PPC3 R15L600-PPC3
15.6" W15ID7T-PPA2 W15L100-PPA2
17" R17ID7T-PPA1 R17L100-PPA1
19" R19ID7T-PPA1 R19L300-PPA1
21.5" W22ID7T-PPA3 W22L100-PPA3

Flat ELO-Resistive Panel Mount
Flat ELO-Resistive panel mount PPC and display allow users to use all kind of touch input devices such as fingers, fingernails, stylus, gloved hands, or credit cards because resistive touch screens are force activated. This type of ELO-Resistive panel all has similar optical properties, resistance to chemicals and harsh environment. In this product, the OSD control button is located in the front allowing user to access it easily.


Size Panel PC Display
10.4" R10ID3S-EPA1
15" R15ID7T-EPC3 R15L600-EPC3
17" R17ID7T-EPA1 R17L100-EPA1
19" R19ID7T-EPA1 R19L300-EPA1
21.5" W22ID7T-EPA3 W22L300-EPA3
Factory Automation
Building Management
Energy Management
Building Control
Access control
Interactive digital signage

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