Published on Mar.19.2014

Sri Lanka

Sales Force Automation


Automated process integrated into handheld device
Lightweight and Rugged handheld device with 1D Barcode reader
Customization in the App and software level

Device Selection
4.3" Industrial Rugged Handheld
Winmate Handheld devices can be customized to address a very specific need– to provide a rugged and reliable wireless communication device for field services, and one such application is Sales Force Automation (SFA). Advancement in mobile technology allows SFA to replace traditional error-prone paper and pencil information recording and transmitting, with mobile devices that allow staff to place orders and have the order instantly recorded on portal site, for expedited and accurate review and order preparation to reduce shipping and delivery time.
Application Requirement
Coca-Cola sales force team in Sri Lanka is aiming to replace their traditional method of store to store sale management which involves counting the product inventory at each customer's store manually. With a new automation technology, the staffs can reduce mistakes during the inventory counting process, make their staffs easier to count the inventory, check the order status, and deliver accurate inventory count in the shortest amount of time for each store. Before migrating to Winmate E430M2 with Android platform, Coca-Cola was using consumer phone which had limited capabilities.
Consumer phone Winmate E430M2
  • Difficult to navigate
  • Small screen size
  • Not Rugged
  • Without barcode reader
  • Easy to navigate with
  • P-Cap touch screen
  • Large 4.3" screen size
  • Full IP65
  • With 1D Barcode reader
System Requirements:
  • Android 4.1 – Jelly Bean
  • 4.3" display with 480 x 800 pixels
  • 1D Barcode reader
  • Wireless communication, 3G for data transmission to Coca-Cola data center
  • Customization in the app and software level
System Description - Diagram
Each sales person will log in and access the Coca-Cola SFA menu, through this software, sales are able to access their account and check his order status or history. 1D Barcode reader is utilized for accurate inventory count on the customer site. After each inventory check, staff can place order on item on shortage, submit it to the SFA portal using 3G communication and move on to the next customer's store.
Winmate Value and Differentiation
  • Winmate Industrial PDA provides IP65 protection that can withstand the harsh environment; drop resistance is the most important aspect to prevent data loss
  • 4.3" screen allows salesforce to have more visibility
  • Equipped with high performance 1D barcode scanner and ergonomically barcode scan trigger key
  • Fast and efficient customization services to meet customer requirements
  • Light weight handheld device allows users to carry over longer periods of time with comfort
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