Published on May.8.2014

Food Processing and Industrial Automation

Food Processing and Industrial Automation


17" Full IP65 Stainless Panel Computer
Complete protection against dust, and spray of water
High performance and low power consumption processor
Customization Housing with cable entry frame
Housing withstanding industrial cleaning agents

Device Selection
Winmate R17ID3S-65A1 with customization

Winmate a global leader in the industrial panel pc technologies and solution offers Full IP65 Panel Computers to withstand harsh and severe environments. Winmate stainless steel housing has anti-corrosion protection and carries an IP65/NEMA4 sealing rating that is completely protected against dust and water from all direction.To provide a clean working environment, equipment must withstand frequent cleaning and disinfection. Winmate Full IP65 Panel Computers meet this requirement with housing that can withstand industrial cleaning agents.

Application Requirement
Winmate 17" Full IP65 stainless panel pc was installed in the food processing factory where hygiene is important and device will always be exposed to cleaning agent and water. These devices were installed in the production line to control the processing of meat from the slaughterhouse, and also final packing. Customized housing with cable entry frame is needed to protect the standard connectors from water and dust, and also to fix the cable exit.
System Requirements:
  • 17" Full IP65 Stainless Panel PC with 1280 x 1024
  • Intel Atom Dual Core D2550 1.86 GHz
  • 2GB SODIMM DDR3-1066
  • Premier 5-Wire Resistive Touch
  • 3 x USB, 3 x COM, 1 x LAN, 1 x Power
System installation
Winmate Value and Differentiation
Highly configurable 17" full IP65 stainless panel pc with Intel Atom D2550 1.86GHz
Providing customer with fast and efficient customization service to meet customer requirements
This 17" full IP65 panel pc meet with IP65 rating against splash of water and dust
Expedited delivery of sample for product qualification for faster product deployment in factory.
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