Published on Jun.24.2014

Winmate communication INC, a global leader in industrial computing technologies and solutions, announces the availability of our new Stainless Steel, full IP65 Panel Computer Series. The new product line is based on Intel's latest 1.83GHz N2930 Bay Trail processor and has multiple options for operating systems including Windows Embedded 7 or 8.  The screen comes in an optional 5 or 4-wire resistive touch and standard I/Os include 1x USB 2.0, 1x RS232 serial port and 2x RJ45-10/100/1000 LAN ports. As with all of Winmate products, the panel PCs were designed to withstand the toughest environmental conditions while maintaining their high performance and elegant looks.
  • Intel Celeron Bay Trail  N2930 with 1.83GHz
  • Baytrail SoC chipset
  • Intel HD Graphics
  • Full IP65 Protection from all sides
  • Stainless steel enclosure (anticorrosive, easy to clean and disinfect)
  • Optional OS for Win. Embedded Std.7 or
    Win Embedded Std.8
  • Optional 5 or 4 wire resistive touch
As required by various industries, regular and frequent cleaning and disinfection of equipment using high pressure water jets and various chemical agents is required. Winmate’s water resistant computers incorporate special waterproof ports with screw-on adapter cables to maintain external connectivity and complete protection against any type of water ingress.
Product Offering
Size Model Resolution Brightness Contrast
7" W07IB3S-65O1 1024 x 600 1000 nits 700:1 (typ.)
8.4" R08IB3S-65U1 800 x 600 400 nits 600:1 (typ.)
10.4" R10IB3S-65T2 1024 x 768 350 nits 1200:1 (typ.)
15" R15IB3S-65C3 1024 x 768 250 nits 700:1 (typ.)
17" R17IB3S-65A1 1280 x 1024 350 nits 1000:1 (typ.)
19" R19IB3S-65A1 1280 x 1024 350 nits 1000:1 (typ.)
21.5" W22IB3S-65A3 1920 x 1080 250 nits 1000:1 (typ.)
Product Application
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Chemical plant
  • Factory Automation
  • HMI
  • Machine controller

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