Published on Jul.04.2014

Tired of Reading ? Watch a product video instead
This video is designed to give a 3D perspective of the new M101B tablet and its hardware features,
watch the product video and get a feel for its size, feature locations and rugged design.
Winmate M101B, a 10.1-inch, rugged, enterprise-ready Windows® 8.1 tablet. The M101B is powered by Intel's next-generation Bay Trail-M quad-core processor paired with genuine Intel graphics for high performance with low-power impact. The tablet features a brilliant 10.1-inch, 700-nits IPS (in plane switching) projective capacitive touch screen with 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution, a hot-swappable battery for uninterrupted operation, and robust data capture with 1D/2D barcode and RFID readers, a 2.0MP front camera and a 5.0MP rear camera for additional data capture.

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