Published on Jul.09.2014

This week covers an update on some new accessories for our E430 product line. With the addition of the E430RM2 comes a new Pogo pin style charger, this allows quick easy charging of either the removable battery pack, or the entire device using the Battery charger or charging dock. This avoids fumbling around with USB cables and allows quick docking and removal for an even faster turnaround time.The E430RM2 comes with a 3900mAh removable battery pack, this a 33% capacity increase from the E430M2, allowing longer operating time and less time plugged into the wall.
E430M2 E430RM2 – Replaceable Battery
After purchasing and unpacking your E430M2/RM2, the user should find these Standard Accessories included.
Shared Standard Accessories for E430M2 and E430RM2
Universal Adapter
Input AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz
Output 5V-1A
Micro USB Cable
This USB cable provides superior communication and
charging for the device

Micro SD Card
4GB Micro SD Card
Hand Strap (E430RM2 only)
Hand strap to firmly grasp the device without having the fear of dropping it.

These Optional Accessories enable the user to customize our devices for use in their specific situation or environment.
Shared Optional Accessories for E430M2 and E430RM2
Micro USB Host Cable
(OTG Cable)

This USB Host cable provides OTG (On-the-Go) function acting as a host allowing a USB flash drive to be attached
Micro SD Card
The Micro SD Card allows the user swap storage cards for different requirements. 8GB-32GB
Vehicle Adapter
Input: 12V DC Cigarette lighter socket USB car charger
Screen Protector
Protects the touch screen against dirt, water, and damage
Mobile Power Station
Model Name :
5V/9V/12V DC out
Capacity 8800mAh / 3.7V
Lanyard provides a secure feel when using the device while on the move.
Bluetooth Printer
Mobile thermal receipt printer and long lasting lithium-ion battery (7.4V/2, 100mAh)
Soft Case Holster
Leather case with vinyl screen protector and shoulder strap. Keeps the device free of fingerprints and dirt.
Dedicated Accessories for E430RM2
E430RM2 Charging Dock
The 12V power supply and 3 prong Pogo pin adapter on the charge dock allows for a quick 2.5 hour charge, providing a noticeable upgrade from the traditional 5V USB cable.

E430RM2 Battery Charger
The 12V battery charger makes sure you will always have a spare ready without the down time of waiting on a traditional charger.

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