Published on Aug.15.2014

Automated Ticketing Access for Stadium or Other Venues by Winmate and OTOT Electronics Applications:
Access control
Security control
"Print  at Home Ticket", use it for entry


Increase staff mobility
Reduce waiting time to enter the venue  and increase visitor satisfaction
Eliminate counterfeit tickets
Easy to deploy around the venue
Fit for outdoor and harsh environments

Device Selection:
4.3" Rugged PDA with 1D/2D Barcode reader

Lightweight and comprehensive data capture devices meets flawless system
In order to improve service quality and reduce wait times, the manually inserted ticket validator needed to be eliminated. The E430M2-3B2 is a portable and mobile ticket validator running OTOT's "Event Access" Android program, this significantly increases the overall speed of entering events and there is no need to insert and wait for your ticket to be approved.
Application Requirement
Mobility, efficiency and accuracy are key when it comes to getting fans to into large events. Winmate's E430M2-3B2 scans and monitors tickets / passes rapidly for visitors, press, or workers, by 3G connection, this data is transmitted to the control room, and an exact number of people inside the stadium can be validated at any given time; this is vital to monitoring the stadiums maximum safe capacity.The control room is able to monitor where the busiest gates are and can assign or allocate more staff equipped with the E430M2-3B2 to help improve the overall speed of entry into the stadium. With enter and exit statistics now available, events can be studied and improved every time to provide the best fan experience and overall staff efficiency.
Manually inserted ticket validator E430M2-3B2 (with 3G and 2D Barcode)
System Requirement
Android 4.1-inch "Jelly Bean"
Lightweight portability in rugged handheld form factor
Multiple wireless communication options
Standard 1D/2D barcode reader that's capable of reading multiple formats
System Description – Diagram
Static Ticket Validator E430M2-3B2
Winmate Value and Differentiation
We understand the needs of customers
Winmate's flexibility allows users to customize their own software and hardware  to suit their needs
Reliable, great service and offer global support
Localized service and repair center in Asia, Europe, Canada, and North America for prompt support
Other Solutions
M700DM4-B2 M101B-BH C350M2-3B2
7" Rugged Tablet PC with Projected Capacitive touch
500 nits, 1024 x 600
ARM® Cortex-A7 Quad Core 1.5 Ghz
Android 4.2
Vehicle docking


10.1" Rugged Tablet PC with Projected Capacitive touch
700 nits, 1920 x 1200
Intel Quad Core Baytrail 1.8GHz
Win Embedded 7 std. /
Win Embedded 8 std. /
Win Embedded 8.1 Ind. Pro
HF RFID or 2D Barcode Reader
With vehicle docking
3.5" Rugged Handheld with projected capacitive touch
280 nits, 240 x 320
Dual Core Cortex A9 1.0GHz
Android 4.1

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