Published on Sep.04.2014
What is the true cost of your mobile device?
Every day more organizations are integrating mobile devices into their operations with the goal of streamlining processes and procedures, and ultimately increasing profitability and productivity. During the mobile device selection process, however, one the most important factors is often overlooked, and it can end up costing an organization significantly. 

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which takes into account the initial purchase costs plus the cost of failures over the life of the device, is an important evaluation particularly for organizations operating in rugged environments. On average, every time a non-rugged device fails, it costs an organization more than 3 hours of lost productivity. According to research conducted by VDC, failure rates of non-rugged devices, when deployed in harsh environments, were a leading contributor to TCO.

Exposure to direct sunlight, using the device with wet or gloved hands, extreme temperatures, and vibration – all common occurrences for field workers – impact the usability of mobile devices and affect the TCO.
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According to VDC's research, exposing non-rugged mobile devices to harsh environments often results in a variety of hardware and software issues that lead to costly failures:
The primary difference between consumer mobile device makers and rugged mobile device manufacturers, like Winmate, is the greater emphasis on ruggedness. For instance, at Winmate, we implement various designs that specifically address harsh environments and are built to for low TCO. Design features that reduce TCO, include:
●  Brilliant, sunlight-viewable panels for outdoor use
●  Physical keypad/stylus for rapid data entry, even with gloves
●  Sealed to IP65-IP67, for water and dust protection
●  Wide range operating temperature e.g. up to -20℃ ~ 60℃
●  MIL-STD-810F compliance for shock , drop and vibration
Bottom line

When it comes to selecting one device or hundreds of devices for mobile deployments, Winmate Rugged Mobile Computing devices offer greater enterprise value and low TCO.

Note: The entire factual data about TCO were obtained from 2013 VDC Research Quick Cast Enterprise Mobility & Connected Devices
M700D M101B
7" P-Cap touch
Intel Atom N2600 1.6GHz
Windows Embedded Standard 7 - WS7P
10.1" P-Cap touch
Quad Core Intel Celeron N2920 1.86 GHz
Windows Embedded Standard 7 - WS7P or
  Windows Embedded 8 Standard or
  Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro
Optional HF RFID or 2D Barcode reader
M700DM4-B2 E430M2
7" Rugged Tablet PC with Projected Capacitive touch
500 nits, 1024 x 600
ARM® Cortex-A7 Quad Core 1.5 Ghz
Android 4.2
Optional HF RFID or 2D Barcode reader
4.3" Rugged Tablet PC with Projected Capacitive touch
400 nits, 480 x 800
ARM® Cortex-A9 1.0 Ghz
Android 4.1
Optional 2D Barcode or RFID reader

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