Published on Jan.13.2015
Introducing The Latest Mountable Technology For Rugged Environments
The new Winmate 19" G-Win series combines ultra rugged design with rapid processing power and rich display.
The mountable Panel PCs series offers a transflective, resistive touch 19-inch LCD display (1280 x 1024 pixels), readable in any lighting, as well as rapid processing power with Intel’s Haswell Core i5-4300U. The G-Win series offers two panel configurations: Front IP65 and Full IP67, both of which measure at just 474 x 410mm and only 73.6 mm thick, making them mountable almost everywhere. The panels are housed in a smooth aluminum die-cast case, free of indents and openings for easy mounting to walls, Yoke mounts, instrument panels, or any free-stand mounting system.
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Highlighted Features

Intel Haswell Core i5-4300U turbo max 2.6GHz (optional for i7-4650U turbo max 3.3GHz) CPU
19" SXGA high brightness panel. 800 nits
Sunlight readable, transflective, resistive touch LCD Panel
Fanless, streamlined enclosure for highly efficient heat dissipation
Front side buttons, one dedicated button to enable/disable touch screen interface
Built to withstand extreme temperatures (-10 deg C to 60 deg C / optional for -40 to 70 deg C with built-in intelligent heater and wide range temperature memory parts)
9-36 V DC input (with isolation)
Operable in 5-95% humidity level
Processing Power
The Intel Core i5-4300U processor inside the Winmate 19" G-Win is part of Intel’s ultra-low voltage lineup of mobile processors. It is a dual core/quad-thread design based on intel's 22nm processing technology. The chip has a base frequency of 1.6GHz, but can reach turbo speeds of up to 2.6GHz. Its 15-watt thermal design power is significantly lower than desktop processors (up to 85 watts) and even standard voltage mobile chips (approximately 35 watts)
External I/O: Front IP65 versus Full IP67 Configurations
The Winmate 19" G-Win is available in two configurations: our full IP67 model, which requires screw-on adapter cables for external connectivity, and our front IP65, which offers more standard I/O connectors.
Front IP65 I/O Connectors Full IP67 I/O Connectors
1. Line in 7. 9~36V DCin
2. Mic in 8. USB2.0
3. Line out 9. USB2.0 / 3.0
4. USB 2.0 10. LAN
5. LAN 11. COM
6. COM 12. VGA
1. IP67 USB 2.0 A type with Cover
2. IP67 USB 2.0 Connector
3. IP67 LAN Connector
4. IP67 COM Connector
5. IP67 9~36C DC in Connector
Panel PCs have different ruggedness than mobile tablets and notebook computers. The two most important factors for a fix-mount panel PC are shock and vibration. Drop specifications, however are a negligible component. Taking this into consideration, Winmate configured the G-Win panel to pass the MIL-STD-810F 516.6 shock test and the MIL-STD-810F 514.6 vibration test. This series is also built to operate in extreme temperatures ranging from -10 to 60 degrees C (with optional -40 deg C with intelligent heater). The aluminum die-cast housing is rock solid and with its special anti corrosion treatment, it will hold up even in exposed settings.
G-Win Series Product Offering
  Size Intel Cedar Trail Intel Bay Trail Intel Haswell
1280 x 1024 800 nits
-- Front IP65 R19IHAT-65FTE
-- -- Full IP67 R19IHAT-67FTE
1024 x 768 1000 nits

Full IP67

Full IP67
1280 x 800 400 nits
W12ID3S-VMM9 W12IB3S-VMM9 --
1024 x 768 350 nits
R10ID3S-VMT2 R10IB3S-VMT2 --
640 x 480 450 nits
R10ID3S-VMP3 R10IB3S-VMP3 --
800 x 600 400 nits
R10ID3S-VMP1 R10IB3S-VMP1 --
800 x 600 400 nits
R08ID3S-VMT1 -- --

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