Published on Apr.17.2015
Winmate Introduces Optical Bonding Design and Manufacturing
At Winmate, reliability, service and support are part of our foundation.This is why we’ve invested significantly in our state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities. Recently, Winmate has launched new optical bonding laboratories for dry optical bonding process in addition of liquid optical bonding.

This new facility will also enable Winmate to create more value-add and new opportunities for our original design manufacturer (ODM), original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and rebranding partners.
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What is Optical Bonding?
For tablet PCs, panel PCs, and displays used outdoors, mounted in a vehicle, vessels or airplane, and in scenarios in which direct sunlight or other challenging lighting conditions are present, readability has traditionally been compromised. In the last few years, however, sunlight viewable display technology has come a long way using a combination of transmissive-reflective (transflective) LCDs, backlight enhancement, and a variety of optical treatments. This is where Winmate's optical bonding technologies go to work.

Optical bonding is a process that uses optically clear resin – OCR (i.e. liquid adhesive, optical resin) or optically clear adhesive – OCA (i.e. transparent adhesive film, optical transfer tape) to affix the glass or touch screen to the front of the panel, filling the miniscule air gap between the glass and panel.
Benefits of Optical Bonding:
Makes the terminal display or rugged tablet PC / PDA readable in outdoor environments
Enhances resistance to help prevent scattered broken glass
Increases durability against shock and vibration
Prevents condensation and fogging in high humidity and salt-water environments
Ideal for:
Outdoor kiosks
Self service gas stations
Military and Defense
Class 1000 Clean Room for Optical Bonding Facility
Wet Bonding Dry Bonding
Optically Clear Resin (OCR) Optically Clear Adhesive (OCA)

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