Published on Apr.24.2015
Carrying On Service And Support for DAP Technologies Tablets

As previously announced DAP has exited the rugged hardware market. Today, Winmate Communications Inc. will continue to service and support of the M9020 (7" Ultra-rugged QWERTY Tablet PC) and M9700 (9.7" Tablet PC) from DAP Technologies.

For more technical support and services for these products please contact Winmate
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Should you be in the market for new hardware, we invite you to explore Winmate’s line of rugged and ultra-rugged tablets, which combine reliability, flexibility and unmatched performance with dual-core Intel Atom, Intel Baytrail, or Intel Haswell processors.

The Winmate M101 series, M700 and full suite of ultra-rugged tablets offer a next-generation option to DAP's M9700 and M9020. Available in 7", 8.4", 10.1", 10.4", and 12.1" displays, these rugged tablets enable increased efficiencies and powerful computing in applications ranging from warehousing, transportation, direct store delivery, mining, public safety, and numerous other rugged environments.
10.1" Tablet PC 7" Tablet PC 8.4" , 10.4", 12.1"
Ultra Rugged Tablet PC
M101B – Intel BayTrail
M700D – Intel atom
M101BT – Intel BayTrail
with Smart Card reader
M700DM4 – ARM Cortex A7
M101H – Intel Haswell
M101M4 – ARM Cortex A7
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