Published on Jul.23.2015
Enhance the Customer Experience with the Right Digital Signage

Digital display monitors offer modern-day consumers information in a fast and easy manner, enhancing the customer experience in a varietyof environments. Whether it's an interactive video that illustrates a museum exhibit, a real-time display of flight information, or a restaurant menu featuring the day's specials, viewers rely on monitors to be up-to-date and provide the information they need in a clear, instant manner.

Winmate's digital signage solutions, are a new breed of large digital displays that provide information and guidance in the public placesand demanding environments. The Winmate Digital Signage PPC combines either a 42" or 55" panel PC with MSO PRO software, a flash network player solution for middle-scale digital signage networks. This panel PC is equipped with an Intel Core i3 Processor, capable of running demanding signage and multimedia applications.Our advanced digital signage solutions can also work in tandem with our rugged technology solutions, which use embedded systems that include a variety of rugged industrial PCs, Box PCs, as well as customized solutions.

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Highlighted Features
  Large screen sizes available in 42" or 55"
  Intel Core i3 Processor paired with genuine Intel graphics for true high performance
  Multi-functional with the capability to runsignage and multimedia applications simultaneously
  Programmable event triggering by GPS/LAN/RS232
  All the digital signage PPCs ship with the MSO PRO software (client and server):
o   Flexible layout allows up to 9 zones with multiple video, picture, HTML, flash, or message feeds
o   Zones can be synchronized to operate together
o   Signage features real-time player status overview, dynamic pictures, and HTML dynamic source capability

Winmate's innovative digital signage PPC solutions are currently in use in restaurants, retail settings, transportation facilities, hotels, museums, galleries, trade shows and more. Operating on Windows Embedded Standard 7, these PPCs offer the flexibility and power to support a wide range of display applications. With the 42-inch model featuring 500 nits and the 55-inch featuring 450 nits, Winmate digital signage ensures a large, bright and clear display.

Usage and Applications:
Retail Public Area / Gas Station Building
Interactive signage Information kiosks Interactive boards
Membership control Advertisements Video conferences
Promotion program Point of Information Visitor guides
Floor plan layouts Weather information Event information
Product Offering
Size Model Name Display Spec. System Spec.
42-inch W42L100-OML2/OMIS 1920 x 1080 pixel with 500nits Intel Core i3 processor with
genuine Intel graphics
55-inch W55L100-OML2/OMIS 1920 x 1080 pixel with 450nits

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