Published on Jan.19.2016
FM10 series Vehicle-Mount Computer Exceeds Expectations

Winmate's FM10 series of vehicle-mount computers are installed to replace an existing, less robust system. This new setup enables users to increase material handling, reduce cost associated with handling delays, and streamline the supply chain. This computer can be securely mounted inside a forklift, providing work flow, scheduling, tracking, and the exact location of any piece or product throughout the warehouse.

Warehouse facilities offer complex environments that can be fast-paced and dangerous. Maintaining a productive yet safe work flow is paramount to a successful and organized warehouse floor. Communications between both computer systems and machine operators are key to maintaining a productive yet safe flow. Vehicle mounted systems need to be efficient, easy to use, and capable of handling harsh environment without distracting from work flow or safety.

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The customer in this application had an existing system that often loss communications at different locations within their facility. The older, slower, and less robust system was not as ergonomically friendly and work flow was interrupted by communication errors. The customer desired a system that would not only maintain connectivity throughout their facilities, but would be easy to retrofit, easy to transition employee to use, and easy to use.


The older system, a tablet pc (M970D), was removed and Winmate’s FM10 Vehicle-Mount Computer was retrofitted to 2 of the customer’s 48VDC forklifts. The FM10 has flexible power requirements that can handle up to 60 VDC, which eliminates the need for a special power adapter. An extended range barcode scanner with Bluetooth was paired to the base station. Also mounted, is an I-Key keyboard, model DU-5K-FSR-USB, as well as WiFi antennas setup for both 2.4 and 5GHz bands. The RAM mount system was setup to keep the driver’s side view unobstructed, and all cables were secured to the RAM.


Both forklifts were put through typical operations with 2 different drivers. Both drivers noted that the systems operated quicker than the older system and the communications remained robust throughout the whole facility, even in areas where the older system lost communications. Adjustable height and angles for the equipment and keyboard allowed for driver comfort and safer operation. Both drivers liked the larger and easier to use keyboards with built in mice. The installers loved the system, especially with all screws and terminals being included within the provided kit. The deletion of special power adapters and the clean manner in which the system could be setup was a huge plus to the installers.

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