Published on Feb.04.2016
Food Production Environment Case Study

Hygiene is of the ultimate importance in food production. Durability under constant exposure to water and harsh chemical cleaning agents also of extreme importance. Winmate's 15" IP65 flat stainless panel PC has proven to be the ideal solution in this environment. In this case study, the unit was installed in the production line to control the processing of raw materials/ingredients and in the final packing to ensure the quality and safety of the final product.

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The Challenge:

The company needed a high-performance processor that was faster than the existing system. They also needed customized WiFi connectivity that would allow data transmission between the stations and backend server, ensuring the quality of every single product. They also required:

Multi-touch projected capacitive touch
Housing that can withstand water and industrial cleaning agents
Anti-corrosion protection with IP65 / NEMA 4 sealing rating
The Solution: Winmate 15" Stainless Panel PC:
Multi-touch Projected Capacitive with flat design
Intel Core i7-3517UE 1.7GHz
WiFi  Special Customization
IP65 (dust and water proof design)
Waterproof ports with adapter cables for external connectivity

Winmate's 15" flat stainless panel PC was configured specifically for installation as a machine controller in a high-speed production line. The multi-touch panel PC offered advanced performance, an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface, and easily connected to WiFi, ensuring faster and more reliable communication meeting the needs of machine operators who demand durability, reliability, and an accurate control system.

The Winmate Difference:

Winmate understands the demands of fast-paced, rugged environments and has designed a series of industrial-grade tablets that deliver performance, functionality and design to enable increased productivity and efficiency on the factory floor. We provide:

In-depth knowledge of the food industry with an in-house engineering and testing facility which enables us to deliver a durable, reliable solution quickly and efficiently
Fast and efficient customization
Expedited delivery of sample for product qualification to ensure faster product deployment in the factory

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