Published on Sep.20.2017
Winmate Equips Hospital with Advanced Mobile Tablet PC System

Winmate’s Medical Tablet PCs give health care professionals peace of when it comes to monitoring medical records and data, allowing them to focus interacting with their patients more. The mobile tablet provides nurses a solution for monitoring multiple patients at once, while collecting data and transferring it to a central data center. This ensures medical records are up-to-date and accessible from any location. Winmate’s Tablets provide multiple medical solutions, reducing paperwork errors with electronic medical records, real-time diagnostic data management in surgery, and patient identification. Doctors also utilize the unit to quickly access patient records on the go, eliminating the need to track down paper records.

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Built to withstand dust, liquid, and drops, the rugged tablet is ready to go to work in the demanding medical field. With optional hot swappable batteries, medical professionals are ensured continuous, reliable power while on the go. Advanced communications options such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and optional 3G/4G/LTE, enable records to be updated in real time, ensuring the most up-to-date information is always available. Winmate’s medical rugged tablet is a reliable and powerful solution in the medical field for streamlining data collection and diagnostic data management, while reducing errors associated with paperwork.
Product offerings
E430RM4L-ME E500RM8-ME M700DM8-ME M101BL-ME M133W-ME
480 x 800
400 nits
1280 x 720
500 nits
1280 x 720
650 nits
1280 x 800
350 nits
1920 x 1080
350 nits
Quad Core 1.5Ghz
Octa Core 1.5Ghz
Octa Core 1.5Ghz
Intel Baytrail-M
N2930 1.83 GHz
Intel Core i5-5200U
Broadwell 2.2 GHz
Winmate was entering this medical market, because the company is rapidly becoming known globally as the preeminent rugged, mobile tablet and PC manufacturer. Recently, Winmate achieved ISO 13485:2003 and EN ISO 13485:2012 certification for its design, development, production, installation, and servicing of medical devices. What does this mean for you? Winmate's certification confirms any portable panel PCs and mobile tablets we develop for use in the medical industry are safe and meet all regulatory design requirements.  

Standard consumer tablets are not designed to survive the hospital environment.To make the medical staff’s assignments easier and more productive, a device mustbe light enough to be mounted anywhere, feature a touch screen with alarge, easily viewable display, and include all the required peripherals (RFID or Barcode)to capture and track patient data.

Winmate's 10.1” multi-touch rugged tablet pc may be easily installed at multiple locations such as waiting rooms, hospital halls or nurse stations to streamline room management and organize hospital information. This reliable, 24/7, integrated system connects to a centralized database to provide real-time status updates patients and/or rooms.


E500RM8 with Barcode Reader is able to quickly capture, retrieve and share information all from the palm of your hand.

Making access to medical data, records, lab result and images quick and easy. Integrating a multifunctional tablet into a control system enables faster access to settings and conditions.


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