Published on Oct.18.2017
Marine Grade EAC Box with
DNV certification

EAC/Marine was born to automation and M2M (machine to machine) applications. This EAC Box PCs are essentially embedded fanless PCs configured for a various application of processing and input/output control task. It combines different processor with extensive and Flexible I/O support both for connection requiring RS232/422/485 serial ports with isolation and auto-direction function as well as digital I/O Ports, standard USB connections and Gigabit Ethernet. Good thermal engineering means no fan and therefore no ventilation holes.

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Model Name Processor
I330EAC-IH3 Intel® Broadwell Core i5-5200U 2.2GHz
I330EAC-IV3 Intel® Core i7-3517UE 1.7GHz up to 2.8GHz
Intel® Atom Dual Core D2550 1.86GHz

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Marine Grade Panel PC and Display with
Projected Capacitive touch
The elegantly designed, yet rugged, industrial grade maritime panel PC and Display series is designed for usability with brilliant true-flat screens, which offer superior readability and Projected capacitive touch (P-CAP) technology, available in 19", 24", and 26" options. This series also offers international special certifications (DNV 2.4, IACS-E 10, IEC 60945 4th Edition), which enables the safe operations on yacht.

  Panel PC 
Intel Core i5-5200U Broadwell
15” R15IH3S-MRA3FP R15L600-MRA3FP 
19" R19IH3S-MRA1FP R19L300-MRA1FP
24" W24IH3S-MRA1FP W24L100-MRA1FP
26" W26IH3S-MRA1FP W26L100-MRA1FP

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