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Published on 5 Dec, 2018

Providing reliable rugged HMI kiosk solution to one of America’s largest rail company

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Once a freight train arrive at one of its numerous railyards across North America, freight trucks are relied upon to carry the load for the final leg of the journey to its ultimate destination. Freight pickup at these intermodal facilities are often times a time-consuming task where drivers have to first manually print a document and then have a railyard representative manually verify the paper work.

As a Class I railroad operator began to create an app to streamline the freight pickup process for the drivers of its partner trucking companies, an automated kiosk station solution was needed for a safer and more efficient working environment for the truck drivers. The kiosk needed to be weatherproof, house a rugged panel that could operate 24/7 in direct sunlight or cold wintery storm, a panel bright enough for outdoor use, and modular design for quick turnaround service.

Access Control Successful Story
Automated Winmate Kiosk providing efficient railyard entry for freight truck drivers
M-Series HMI
Winmate M-Series HMI in a customized stainelss steel housing

Working with supply chain logistics IT & Software solution experts, Winmate provided a custom-built M-Series HMI featuring a 1,000 nits multi-touch 15” display with glass front, housed in a stainless-steel enclosure with printer and barcode scanner.

The rugged panel was also built for serviceability, whereby all the parts, including computer components and the screen are all separated, modularized in a sense so that when a part breaks down, the broken part can be easily and quickly fixed, which meant longer lifecycle and faster service times between 48 hours and 1 week.

More then 200 units have been deployed in 15 sites between Florida and Canada so far, the Winmate kiosks were very well received, resulting in a safer and more efficient work environment for drivers, which meant greater productivity for the rail transport operator.

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