Published on 18 July, 2018

Winmate Privacy Policy

We understand the importance of privacy to our customers and their employees and partners, so we have developed a Privacy Policy that covers how we collect, use, disclose, transfer, and store your personal information collected on Winmate’s websites.
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The document provides an overview of our information practices to personal information collected on our websites. This information may include your name, address, telephone number, online identifier (e.g. your IP address) and other personal information.

Our Privacy Policy covers the following sections:
  • Data Collection
    Describes how we collect your personal information.
  • Information Sharing
    Clarify our policy to information sharing with third-parties.
  • Information Security
    Explains how we protect your personal data.
  • Third-Party Links
    Explains third-parties linked to our website.
  • Direct Marketing
    Explains ours direct marketing activities.
  • Social Media Features
    Lists social media platforms connected to our website.
  • Your Right to Opt Out
    Tells how you can stop receiving our corporate news.
  • Changes to This Policy
    Explains that we may occasionally update our Privacy Policy, and you will be notified about any changes we made.
  • Contacting Us
    Tells you how to contact us to learn more about methods we collect and use personal information.

You can read the full terms of Winmate Privacy Policy here.

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