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Heavy Duty Solution

Avionics Solution


Modern commercial layout, functionality as well as versatility--these are the essential obstacles for today's human device user interfaces. As indispensable components of the customer experience, human equipment user interfaces have to be straightforward, adaptable, and instinctive user interfaces supplying at the exact same time state-of-the art appearance and feel.

The item family members of Winmate's Panel PC systems supply many CPU capabilities and show measurements. Multitouch capabilities enhance the user-friendly functionality of the customer interface and frameless glass front shows, making sure a modern-day commercial style.

Heavy Duty Solution Application

Industrial Challenges

Vehicles such as dump trucks, cranes, excavators and tractors usually operate in heavy industries or agricultural sectors and require rugged computing solutions that must be tough and durable enough to withstand the harshest environments. These computers must be designed and reinforced to be rugged enough to handle the shock and vibrations of the vehicles.

Winmate understands the needs of heavy duty applications and provides solutions to industrial challenges:

  • Changing weather conditions

    Devices for field industrial work should work in changing weather conditions such as high and low temperature, shock, vibration, humidity.
  • Strong vibration of the heavy duty vehicle

    Field workers demand pocket-size rugged mobile devices with exceptional built-in data collection capabilities.
  • Unstable power supply from the vehicle

    Devices that receive power from the vehicle must be protected from power surges and unstable power supply.
  • Work in remote locations

    Wireless signal capabilities must be strong enough to work in remote locations such as mining site, forest, or suburb areas of the city.

Innovative Technology

  • Shock, vibration and drop resistance, tested according to MIL-STD-810G
  • Mechanical design with M12 connectors
  • Vehicle mounting solution
  • Projected capacitive multitouch screen or protection glass
  • Wide power input range with isolation and power ignition

Safety and Standards

  • Safety

    CE, FCC
  • MIL-STD-810G

    Shock, vibration and drop
  • Full IP65-rated

    Water and dust proof